5 Myths About Placenta Encapsulation

Myth #1: You are a cannibal if you eat your placenta

This myth is comical to me.

Cannibalism is defined as “the eating of the flesh of one’s own species.”

First, flesh is defined as the muscle and fat between the skin and bone of an animal. Placenta is neither. Second, the placenta was perfectly designed to be consumed; the tissue is soft and easily digested—not that we’re chewing it up or anything! Just as a baby consumes the milk produced by his own mother, she also consumes the benefits produced by her own body.

Myth #2: Only hippies eat their placentas, and in smoothie form

While it may be true that some people choose to consume their placentas raw, eat it like a steak, or blend it up in a smoothie… who are we kidding; there is an actual placenta recipe book. Yes, there is a book. Pages of unique ways to enjoy your placenta. It’s not our jam (see what I did there), but to each their own.

But there are those who want the benefits of consuming their placenta without making a placenta-vegetable curry. We have clients who are doctors, chiropractors, engineers, welders, teachers, you name it—and definitely not who would be classified as “hippies.” They have all reaped the benefits of their placenta capsules and feel good about the process.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists steam the placenta, dehydrate it, grind it into a fine powder, then encapsulate the powder. Many of our clients liken it to taking a multivitamin. No smoothies here! That is, unless you want that sort of thing. Then we will happily accommodate your request by leaving you part of the placenta that we won’t process.

Myth #3: I can safely encapsulate my own placenta

Yes, you could watch a YouTube video about how to process a placenta. But doing it safely is another story. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists take a 12-hour course, along with an extensive and rigorous certification process, a blood-borne pathogen course that meets OSHA standards and are trained through the only organization that trains HANDS-ON; we actually process a real placenta during our training. All other trainings are online.

Some think it is safe to processes their own placenta  without training. I think they forget that they are dealing with AN ORGAN. Not to mention proper food safety techniques and handling. Further, placenta encapsulation is a two-day process. All new mothers who want to process a placenta just days after giving birth, raise your hands! *crickets* Didn’t think so.

Yes, you physically CAN process your own placenta. But why risk it? You only get one.

Myth #4: You won’t have Postpartum Depression

As much as I wish Placenta Encapsulation “works” for everyone, the truth is, it doesn’t.

During pregnancy, the placenta takes over hormone production. As soon as the placenta is born, the body is now missing all of these hormones. This is why so many mothers experience postpartum depression, baby blues, and even postpartum psychosis. By consuming the placenta, hormones are being reintroduced back into the body in a paced manner. These hormones are so powerful, that many Postpartum Placenta Specialists report severe sweating, uterine contractions or cramps, and even early arrival of their menstrual period! The hormones, even during processing, are STRONG.

While we have yet to have a complaint about the efficacy of Placenta Encapsulation, we cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone. Furthermore, some clients may experience some benefits while not experiencing others.

Every body is different; every placenta is different.

Myth #5: Placenta Encapsulation is “gross”

I think when people think about placenta encapsulation, they picture bloody “after birth” and slime and ooze. I get it. I really do. Our culture does not support the consumption of placentas, just like it doesn’t support reasonable maternity leave. But I digress.

The placenta is an organ that takes over hormone production during pregnancy. It is also the baby’s lifeline. It is about the size of a small dinner plate and about an inch thick. It generally weighs 1/6 of the newborn at birth. Honestly, it looks like a piece of meat.

To me, meat isn’t gross. Pig poop is gross. Rotting food is gross. Maggots are gross. Meat isn’t. Your body is not gross. It is amazing, and beautiful, and strong, and powerful.


You can do a quick Google search and see all the forums of how distasteful placenta encapsulation is from people who have never actually tried it or you can give us a call! We are happy to provide client references who have used our services and feel great about it!

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask the professionals. We are available to chat any time. Or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you soon.

We are so excited for the birth of your little one, as well as the opportunity to professionally encapsulate your placenta.

You will love the benefits without all the crazy.


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