Carie McDonough, Owner

Birth & Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Belly Binding Specialist

Carie is a Greenville native who loves her hometown, but also the sound of airplane tires touching down in new places. Her traveling spirit took her to Alabama for college, where she earned a degree in counseling. She was fortunate enough during her university days to volunteer in Malawi, Honduras, Panama, and India which sparked a fire inside her for serving woman and children. After graduation, Carie’s sense of adventure took her to China where she taught English at the high school and university level. Some of her best students were Shoe, Panda, and Windy—never judge a foreign student by their English name choice. Once Carie’s China chapter came to a close she decided to take on a new project; a move to south India where her passion for service led her to open a small children’s home. She spent 7 beautiful years taking care of little Indian babies and spending her free time at a local hospital in the labor and delivery ward.

Carie loved her time living abroad, but dearly missed mountain views and her mama’s mac-n-cheese, so she decided it was time to come back home to the foothills. After 10+ years of helping women and families, Carie knew that she was destined to pursue doula work as a career. With a compassionate heart, attunement to needs, a gentle touch, and judgement-free attitude, Carie is perfectly equipped and excited to serve families in her beloved hometown.

In her down time you can find Carie snuggling with her fur babies Mandela and Winnie, drinking hot tea, and reading. She also enjoys cooking (can make a mean curry), watching true-crime shows on Netflix, and hot yoga…but not all at once.

FFD45Addie Evett

Birth & Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, Bereavement Doula

Raised in the rolling hills of northern Michigan, Addie has explored the foothills of South Carolina for nearly a decade now. To her, the Appalachian Mountains are her home.

An alumni of North Greenville University, she graduated with a BA in Intercultural Studies. After college, Addie married the man of her dreams, moved to Southeast Asia, and taught English as a second language. As an expat, she spent many days on the back of a motorbike, traveling up and down the coast of Thailand. While adventure still runs in her veins, she is happy to be back in this beautiful place we all call “home.” Yet, you may still find her chasing waterfalls through the Carolina mountains.

Addie started her journey as a doula when her sister attempted her first VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). She was so encouraged by her sister’s unrelenting strength and her determined spirit, she quickly pursued her doula certification. Addie has been serving expecting families since 2014. She has been known for being truly compassionate, generous with her resources, and “too nice” for her own good. Addie’s hobbies include photography (she loves capturing those precious first moments after birth with her clients), sewing her owns clothes, and baking a scrumptious cupcake.