What’s In A Name?

IMG_0413Naming your baby is probably the single most important thing you will do for your child, aside from the vital things like keeping him or her alive (But hey, who’s keeping track, right?) And you have 9 months, give or take, to find the perfect name.

Did you know that in some other cultures, babies are not named until the seventh to the tenth day after birth, like in Greece or Ghana? In Kenya babies are named by their grandparents, and in China babies are named something simple to ward off evil spirits. This name stuff is pretty neat!

Down here in the South, many like to keep things old fashioned. Parents often us their mother’s or grandmother’s maiden name. Or how about a family first name and unique middle name? It’s also common for children to not be called by their given names, as nicknames are exceedingly common. And let’s talk about the double name. I’m pretty sure I was one of the few kids in my kindergarten class that wasn’t a double-namer.

If haven’t decided on a name for your little bundle yet, maybe these “hottest baby names of 2016” from nameberry.com will give you some inspiration:



And just for kicks, here are some of our favorite, interesting names of celebrity children:

“Tu Morrow”
“North West”
“Petal Blossom Rainbow”
“Sage Moonblood”
“Diva Muffin”

Can you guess who these kids belong to? No cheating!

Whatever the rhyme or reason, we know you have put a lot of thought into choosing your baby’s name and it will be perfect! So tell us, how did your baby get it’s name?


One thought on “What’s In A Name?

  • April 18, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Ooh, what fun! I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated too by what names people choose for their children and the reasons behind them.
    Husband and I came up with a totally random system before our eldest was born that we used in naming all three of our kids from http://www.babyandnames.com


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