The Tie That Binds

If you’ve read or researched much about the latest pregnancy and post-baby trends then it’s likely you’ve come across the process of Bengkung Belly Binding.


If you haven’t, then today is your lucky day!

Bengkung Belly Binding is a Malaysian practice used during the postpartum healing process that involves wrapping a long piece of cloth tightly around the abdominal area, creating a corset effect. In the Malaysian tradition, Bengkung Belly Binding was one aspect in a much larger postpartum routine for healing: Massage is performed using special herbs and oils, a specific diet is adhered to, and a particular bathing routine is followed, to name a few. This tradition is the routine from which our postpartum belly binding is derived.

Okay, so you may be asking yourself why anyone in their right mind would choose to wear a corset right after having a baby. Stay with me, I’m getting there.


  • Slims belly, ribcage, and hips by providing 360 degree support around those entire areas. Say bye-bye to “jelly belly.”
  • Repairs the abdominal muscles, most importantly diastasis recti, by bringing the muscles together. —During pregnancy the uterus grows and stretches the abdominal muscles leaving many women with a separation down the center muscle (linea alba) which can be difficult to repair on its own.


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  • Helps return muscles and organs to their pre-pregnancy place by utilizing the surplus of Relaxin in your body. —Relaxin is a hormone produced during pregnancy that pretty much does what is sounds like, relaxes your muscles and joint to prepare for birth.
  • Prevents lower back and shoulder pain by ensuring proper posture when wearing bind. No “nursing slouch” allowed!
  • Stimulates better blood circulation in the area in which the wrap is worn, which will in-turn speed up the postpartum bleeding time.
  • Provides core comfort in the form of a “belly hug” which can help when dealing with depression and anxiety. Think the doggy ‘Thunder Shirt’
  • Symbolizes the closing of the pregnancy.


Sure you can, but if you want full-support, from hips to ribcage –that’s tailor made to your body— the belly band is not the best choice. You see, conventional belly bands, while not inherently bad, are not made for you specifically. They are more or less a one size fits all. With belly binding, we are hand wrapping your torso, so no matter what shape or size you are it will fit you perfectly. Also, store bought belly bands are made from elastic, which will shift and stretch as you move, providing far less support than that of traditional belly binding.


Once you’ve decided that Postpartum Belly Binding is right for you, contact us to get started! With a vaginal birth, you can start binding within the first 3-4 day postpartum. If you’ve had a cesarean birth, you can begin binding in 4-6 weeks, with your care provider’s approval. Our fee includes a 100% cotton, beautiful, hand-dyed wrap, your first binding session; and instructions for you, and/or your partner to continue the binding process each day. If you’d like us to come back each day and re-bind you that can be arranged as well.

So what’s your hold-up? Contact us today to get started!

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