Get an Epidural, Hire a Doula

3284117258_261ea40550_b-2I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I’m getting an epidural, I don’t need a doula” or “I’m not into that natural stuff, so I don’t think I want a doula.” We’re here to tell you that DOULAS ARE NOT JUST FOR UNMEDICATED BIRTHS!

Do we have your attention?

You heard us right, a doula’s job is to offer unbiased support, so if you want an epidural, get an epidural.

Here at Foothills Family Doulas our goal is to support you and your choices. Our goal is not for you to have an unmedicated, vaginal birth; unless of course that’s what you want. Our goal is for you to be empowered in your choices and with your birth!

So now let’s get down to the details of how a doula will support your epidural…

We will be by you and your partner’s side for your entire labor. That means we’re there to talk you through the different procedures and protocols, explain what’s going on, and encourage you to ask questions if you have them.

While the hospital staff are fantastic, they are also busy. Having a doula by your side means that you will never be alone during your birth. Your partner will be able to take snack and bathroom breaks, without the worry of leaving you by yourself. Emotional support and simple presence are often overlooked when thinking about your birth, but incredibly important parts.

IMG_0443The reality is that once you’ve gotten an epidural your mobility will be highly limited. Having a doula during your epidural will help you get a leg up (pun intended)! We can help you change positions, which can be beneficial in keeping your labor moving along. And we hate to break it to you, but some women don’t lose all feeling with an epidural*. We can provide hands-on comfort measures to fill the gap that the epidural didn’t.


And just because you’ve chosen an epidural as your preference in pain relief doesn’t mean that it’s the only preference you have. Having a doula work with the hospital staff is a great way to ensure that your other birthing preferences are acknowledged as well.

Once your baby has arrived your doula will be able to assist you with feeding, whether breast or bottle. We can also inform your family and friends of the exciting news so that you and your partner can enjoy those precious first moments with your baby without interruption.

Doulas support more than just your birth!

It is true that part of a doula’s role is to be with you your during your birth, but that is by far not our only method of support. We are also with you during your pregnancy! We are there to help you write your birth plan, provide educational resources, and explain to you the early signs of labor and what to expect. We also teach you comfort measures and techniques to use throughout your pregnancy and in early labor, answer any questions you have along the journey (however strange they may be), and so much more.

No matter what type of birth you choose, be assured that your support team at Foothills Family Doulas will be by your side each step of the way! 


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