Potty Training Made Simple

I have traveled a good bit in my life and seen and heard some fascinating pregnancy and parenting stuff. Some of my favorite things to share when I return home are potty training stories.

potty trainingDuring my first trip to India I watched my new found friend, who also happened to be a new mom, in amazement as she began potty training her 3 month old. Since diapers were pretty obsolete in the village I was in, women would hold their babies in a cradle position, facing away from themselves, and wait for the baby to do their business. I was amazed at how these babies just got it. And when they were walking on their own they’d march themselves to the squatty, or a patch of grass, drop their teeny little drawers, and go. Fast learners!

In China, babies are also potty trained in an interesting way. Babies are often dressed in spilt pants to make clean-up easier during the process. If you’re asking yourselves what the heck split pants are, they’re pretty self explanatory. Pants with a split right up the center. In the dead of winter it was a common sight to see babies and toddlers looking like puff people with chapped little booties from these split-pants. What is so fascinating about potting training in China is that they are taught to pee and poo on cue…by whistling! Babies are held in similar India fashion and the parent or grandparent whistles. This way the baby associates it with potty time. It was pretty cool, but I always made sure to look around when I heard a whistle!

While our postpartum doulas can’t teach you how to potty train your baby by whistling, they can teach you a whole lot of other amazing things that will help you map out life with your newborn. Contact the postpartum doulas with Foothills Family Doulas today to set up a consolation to learn more!

Do you have a funny or helpful potty training story? We’d love to hear!

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