Placenta Services

What’s so great about my placenta?

The placenta has been consumed for millennia to support the postpartum healing process. If you haven’t heard of this before let us fill you in! Potential benefits of placenta consumption include:

  • Decreased risk of developing postpartum depression and baby blues
  • Balance in postpartum hormone levels
  • Increase in breastmilk supply
  • Reduction in postpartum bleeding
  • Increased energy levels
  • Replenishment of vital nutrients lost during birth 

Sounds pretty great, huh?! At Foothills Family Doulas we are excited to offer clients the highest standards of safety, reliability, and care with our placenta services. We are professionally trained in the Traditional Chinese Method of placenta encapsulation. The TCM process is believed to be the safest method to ensure that no bacteria is present in your placenta upon consumption.

Once you’ve signed a contract with Foothills Family Doulas we will send you a transport and spill kit in the mail so you are ready to go when the time comes. The kit includes a cooler and 2 zip-top bags for safe storage of your placenta once it is birthed; also rubber gloves, clorox wipes, and a towel in the rare case that you will need them for a spill during transport.

Foothills Family Doulas is proud to offer in-home placenta services. This means that we do all the processing from your home, you can feel secure knowing that your placenta is yours! Preparing your placenta is a two day process. During the first day we arrive (with all of our equipment, no need for you to supply anything) and begin the process. We clean the placenta, steam it according to the TCM method, and then begin dehydrating, which takes anywhere from 18-24 hours. During day two we grind the placenta into a powder and then place it inside capsules for your consumption. Once the process is complete on day two  you will be given your carefully handled and beautifully packaged placenta products, and we will then explain how to take your capsules, tincture, and/or salve and answer any questions you may have. We will check in with you after a few days to make sure you are feeling good since beginning your regimen.

Before and after each day’s work, the workspace (your kitchen) and all of our equipment are thoroughly sanitized according to OSHA standards to ensure your family’s safety.

Our services include placenta encapsulation, tincture, salve, placenta print, and complimentary cord keepsake, all prepared in the privacy and safety of your own home.