What’s An Unbiased Doula?

If you’ve read much on our website you may have noticed the word unbiased numerous times. We pride ourselves on our passionate, professional, and unbiased support. We believe that as your doula, we have been invited into your sacred space, whether it be your birth or your home, and we respect that space.

This is your birth. These are your children. We are your doula.

To be able to support you in the best way possible, it is essential that we do so in an unbiased way.

And we’ve all been there; we’ve been afraid to say how we truly feel for fear of backlash from family or friends. Well, heck, even strangers like to share their opinion on how we live our lives. Pregnancy, birth, and raising children is no exception. Your doula is the one person (or two if you hire us) who’s main objective is to help you achieve whatever goals YOU have set for YOUR birth and YOUR family. Without bias. Without judgement.

But what does that look like? What does it mean, exactly?

It means your doula does not offer her “advice” on any medical intervention, but instead encourages a healthy talk with your care provider about the benefits and risks of each.

It means your doula supports you through your scheduled cesarean birth with respect and honor.

It means that when you call your doula to tell her you just don’t think your sore, cracked nipples can handle one more feeding and you feel guilty for wanting to give up, she responds with, “Ouch! Well it is okay to reevaluate your feeding choices.” Then she offers resources on supplementing and bottle feeding options.

It means that your doula will help you implement bed-sharing, co-sleeping, sleep training, or whatever method you have decided is best for your family.

It means your doula is not your advocate during labor and will not speak for you, but will encourage you and your partner to advocate for yourselves.

It means when you’ve decided that you cannot handle one more contraction without pain medication, even if it goes against your original birth plan, your doula reassures you that you have not failed and supports you through the placement of your epidural. She will never leave you or discontinue support if you change your birth plan.

It means your doula has a professional, healthy, and respectful relationship with your care provider and hospital staff.

It means your doula does not judge you when she sees that your home has not been tidied since her last shift. Instead she shoos you back to bed and starts on the dinner dishes from the night before.

It means your doula will support you whether her beliefs align with yours or not, be it religion, politics, or lifestyle.

This list could go on and on, but above all…

It means that our personal opinions have no place in how we support our clients.

Of course we have opinions of our own, we are as human as you. But our personal choices and opinoins don’t matter, and to be honest, have no place in our profession. You can feel comfortable knowing that your doula will never judge you or make you feel pressured into making any specific decisions for you and your family.

Our job is to support you, above all else. It’s just that simple.

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