Who’s On Your Team?

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Imagine you are the Wide Receiver for a professional football team. You are on the line of scrimmage; your heart is calm, beating slowly and rhythmically, in anticipation for the play that is about to unfold. Endorphins gently roll through your veins like sticky golden honey; you love this. Everything seems to move in slow motion. You know that your savvy Quarterback will masterfully and skillfully execute this private play, that only you and your team know about. You are ready. The play clock has run out. This is your moment.

With a snap of the ball, you are gone. You seem to be floating through the air, your feet barely touching the ground. The soft grass seems miles away, and you can’t remember a time when you felt this alive. Adrenaline now pumps through your veins, like a freight train, and it’s as if you were made for this. You don’t have to tell your legs to run or your abs to carry you; they just do.

Your Tight End runs alongside of you, blocking every obstacle that stands in your way. He is there with you, stride for stride, right there next to you. You feel his presence and feel safe. You know that nothing can touch you as long as he is there.

Before you know it, your Quarterback throws a Hail Mary through the air. The ball seems to be suspended in time. Looking ahead of you, you see your Fullback. He is also there to protect you, ensuring that you catch this pass with little, to no difficulty. Your Fullback is strong, a torch lighting the way to the end zone. He goes before you, and he will be your rear guard.

Then suddenly, just when you think this feeling of exhilaration could not get any better, that ball lands firmly in your outstretched arms, just as you cross into the end zone. The feeling of joy and excitement seem to overcome you. Your legs tremble as the adrenaline slowly leaves your body, replacing it with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. You look around, your Quarterback, your Tight End, and your Fullback are running toward you, celebration all over their faces. This is your Team. And you know that you could not have possibly done it without them.

In the comments below, tell us who you think the Wide Receiver, Quarter Back, Tight End, and Fullback represent in Childbirth.

In Your Birth Team: Part 2, we will discuss who each of these team players represent, their importance in your birthing time, and how to choose the right team for you. Come back on Monday to check it out!

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